quarta-feira, 4 de outubro de 2017

Normal Girl

You probably don’t know this, but the way you made me feel, shaped the person that I am today.

I have no idea about why I’m bringing this up now, ‘cause honestly I haven’t thought about you in months, yet, here we are.  

I just wanted to say, it took me a few years, I’m finally truly starting to love and respect myself, like I should from the beginning. It still makes me (a little bit) sad to know that we could’ve had a beautiful life-long friendship like many others, but  it does not make me feel sad enough to let go the years of (what felt like) emotional abuse go away.

 I’m starting to live my dreams, you know,  ones that you shattered when we were kids.
Oh, and the promises and the secrets that you never kept, are now nothing but repressed memories in the back of my head, so they mean almost nothing to me.

 It’s funny you know, back then, it felt like the worst felling in the world, and now ... it’s nothing.

But hey, we were kids, right?

 Kids are naturally mean to each other, right?

Putting me down was the only way of looking out for me, right?


I now forgive you (a little bit), you probably never knew other way to treat different people. 
People that didn’t act like you.
People that weren’t like you.

I forgive you. A little bit.

And I hope that someday you can forgive me too.

For not being the “Normal Girl” that you clearly were, are, will always be.

With love,

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